Monday, March 5, 2007

I need a bigger plate

Some people say that they have too much on their plate, they can't handle everything that's going on in their life, they have too much stress... yada yada yada. Not me. I am a mother to four great kids, and a wife to a great husband. I work just about full time. (At least, my employer considers me full time.) I also go to school full time. (At least, my school considers me full time.) I help out with my kids' theatrical productions at school. I read a book every two days. I don't have too much to do--I just need a bigger plate. Inevitably, my gripe with life goes back to my last post: time. I am a "do-er". I spend my time doing things, not watching, waiting, or hoping. I can accomplish a lot if I set my mind to it and deprive myself of some sleep. But I don't mind that! I'd rather have more time for doing.

Besides, sleeping is over-rated unless it happens between 8 and 10 in the morning. Morning sleep is my favorite sleep... it is dream sleep, creative and fun sleep. In morning sleep, I can be in the cast of my daughter's school play or I can walk along the beach with a loved one who died long ago. If I had a bigger plate, I'd give myself an extra serving of morning sleep. Hmmm.... maybe when all the kids have gone off to college? Only fifteen more years to go!

Despite the fact that I have little free time, I am happy for it. My life is rich with my family, my friends, and my writing. So today, as I turn forty, I sit back and smile. No morning sleep for me today... I was busy cramming more onto my plate. Tonight, before I blew out the candles on the incredible gooey German chocolate and caramel cake that my husband made for me, I stared at those wax numbers melting away like years in front of me. Then I wished for a bigger plate.


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