Monday, February 26, 2007


These days, time is a rare commodity. It is more valuable than gold and more precious than jewels. No, I'm not getting maudlin because I have a birthday coming up. Just the opposite. I am thankful that I have a birthday coming up!

My husband, friends and family gave me a surprise party this weekend. It was not a true surprise, but that did not matter to me. I was looking forward to it. I was surprised by all who were there. My dear friend Stephanie went out of her way to host the party. The decorations were gorgeous, and the food was delicious. The cake was from my favorite bakery and it was out of this world.

Most of all, I loved the time--the time that my husband put into running around to get everything taken care of, to email the guests well in advance, and to think about little things that I liked. I loved that Stephanie took extra time to make special placecards and decorated to the hilt. I love that my cousins and friends took the time to drive all the way across the state to share in my special day. I love the time that we spent together, catching up and laughing with each other. That was the real gift to me. I am so thankful that my birthday was special enough for their time.

Now, two days later, time is flying again. I have a class to teach tomorrow and I still have to finish the lesson, and three dresses to make, also due tomorrow, for my daughter's play which is coming up too quickly. I desperately want to write, to finish my next packet for my advisor, to get through the novel I am working on... but there's no TIME for that now. It's all happening at once. What bad timing!

Well, I'd better get going. I have no more time to blog. Until next week...


PS Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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