Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm two days late for my blog. That's because Monday was UN-day for me.

I want to know whose came up with the un-conscionable idea to change the time twice a year. It had to be some sort of un-funny joke. I know it! I think daylight savings time must have started with a conversation that went something like this:
"Bob," says one farmer to another, one dark morning, "I sure could use another hour of daylight."
"You know, Bill," says Bob, "You're right. Do you think anyone will notice if we set the clocks an hour ahead?"
"Good idea," says Bill. "Let's propose it to Congress."

Thus, the birth of DST and LOADS of confusion. Un-cool!

I know the time change happened on Sunday. But who checks the time on Sundays? On Monday UN-day, I was un-accustomed to my alarm ringing an hour earlier. Because of a new un-couth law by Congress that un-fairly moved the time change date, the office clocks were un-changed. That wreaked havoc on my un-bearably obnoxious internal clock that was screaming inside me, "Ha! I knew you were wrong!"
Thus, Monday UNday was un-settling for me. I was un-easy all day. Un-real. I was un-derstandbly late for everything. It was un-nerving.

In the Un-ness of UNday, I un-wound a bit in the evening after the highs of my weekend. My daughter's play at her junior high was a huge success on Thursday and Friday mornings, and Friday and Saturday nights. I was so proud of her and of all the kids in the show. I wasn't able to attend play practices like I did last year, but I did a lot of background work. Fundraisers, dress-making, emails to parents... lots of 'f-un' stuff. But I knew many kids from last year and I had fun with them. The whole cast was exceptional. The director has an artistic flare, and always manages to impress. It was un-believably fantastic, and un-precedented in school district history.

Now that Monday UNday is over, I've finally started to have a real week. My son's play is this weekend, and I'm looking forward to another dazzling weekend at the theatre. I have nothing to do but un-obtrusively sit and watch three performances. I'll be playing my un-mistakable, un-paralleled life-long role as "Proud Mama."

Un-derstated? Un-likely!

Un-til next week...

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