Sunday, February 8, 2015

Clicking "Send"

Dear Readers,

I did it. I clicked the "send" button. My baby, crammed into a one paragraph nutshell, was packed into a query letter and is now on its way to a few select agents, because I clicked SEND.

I have a billion things to do right now... I have two writing partners to get back to with feedback on their work. I have a presentation to 'tweak' with some final touches. I have taxes to do, I have my website to revise, I have a blanket to finish crocheting, and I have a million house projects to work on. But I couldn't do anything before I clicked SEND. It was #1 on my priority list for a long time... in fact, this story has been on my priority list for a long time.

But it's not easy (the story writing, not the SEND button clicking). Perfecting a story is a little nerve-wracking, because there's always the question of... will they like it? Its little friend Is it good enough? tags along closely behind. As a writer, I work and rework and tweak and retweak and revise and revise some more. I can wonder and worry and fret, but at some point, I ultimately have to click that SEND button or all of my work is really only done for me.

It's kind of like getting married. You can make as many preparations as you want, but unless you walk down that aisle and say "I do," all of that work is pointless.

So my work is now out in the world. I am glad. I am going to move on to other projects, and in the midst of all of my projects, I'm going to take time to write something new! Or work on something old. Either way, I'm going to keep writing... so I can keep on clicking SEND.


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