Monday, February 16, 2009

The 80s or bust?

Sometimes, the best way to get the creative juices flowing is to read a good book. Nothing to put me in a fantasy frame of mind like a trip to somewhere fun... Narnia perhaps? Hogwarts? I could name many different worlds I'd love to get caught up in. And it's probably the kick I need right now. My muse needs a good kick too. But we're stuck.

Currently I'm stuck in the 80s--Back to the 80s, actually. Laura's show is coming up, and despite my efforts to reduce my show-mom-related workload to the program/playbill (which is done and was submitted already), I've somehow gotten stuck with more. I have odds and ends to clean up, parents to corral into helping, directors gifts to buy, and a party to plan. (A party at our house? Wait a second, did I agree to that?) I have to work on teasing Laura's--I mean Tiffany Houston's--straight, thick hair, and I have to turn up my old prom dress. (I can't believe she's wearing my senior prom dress in her play. And it looks better on her than it did on me.) And don't even get me started on Princess Leia!

Work has been busy, weekends have been busy, and the library was closed on the one day I had time to browse a little (today!). So I'm stuck reading repeats. And I'm not even reading repeats... I'm generally just opening them up and looking over a few pages before I fall asleep, wondering and worrying and waiting.

I sent out queries last week, and now I need to forget about them. But I can't forget about them. I lay there at night, thinking--either about the play, how soon I'm going to be rejected, or both. I should be thinking about my fantasy. I should be outlining. I should be escaping into some other world and getting into a fantasy frame of mind. But no. It's 80s. Queries. 80s. Queries. 80s. Aaaaggghhhh!

Could someone pull my muse out of the 80s and toss her into my fantasy world, please? We have work to do, and she won't come when I call her. You shouldn't have a hard time finding her... she's the little fairy with the big hair, singing "Girls just wanna have fu-un... o-ooh girls just wanna have fun!"

Dang. I'm heading to the library tomorrow. I'm getting desperate!


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