Sunday, June 29, 2008

Networking... Yeah, That's What I'm Doing.

I'm a blur, alright. I'm just flying around town. Haven't you seen me?

I actually have been biking and walking. Funny how I don't feel thinner. Don't look any thinner, either. What's up with that?

I am happy to report that I've gotten lots done. My thesis and all of my end-of-semester paperwork went up to Vermont without a hitch--not even overnighted, either! All the little quirky things that I forgot to add were added, and I got Katie's nod of approval. Yay! I can almost graduate.

Not that I don't still have lots to do... and again, blogging is not on THE LIST. You know, The List of Never Ending Chores and What-Not? That list. It goes on and on. Critiquing Katia's story is on that list, which I've been doing, slowly but surely. (There are a lot of pages, Katia.) Finishing my grad lecture--another item, right up near the top! Getting my party invitations done, cleaning the house, doing some bills, mundane boring old chores that never really end...

Ok, note well: Joining a social networking website? NOT on the list. But hey, I read some folks were discussing it on one of my email lists. It was intriguing. And I couldn't resist the temptation. So, I am officially a Facebook member.

Oh my. Oh the hours I could waste there, just reading Andy's posts and checking out his 100+ friends .Wait, 100+friends? I need some friends. So, I went hunting friends. Found some of my friends on there already. Cool! Then I needed to send them all some Flair. Then I needed to make my own Flair to send them. Then I needed to check out my friends' photo albums. Wait! I needed a photo album. So next I uploaded photos.

This is more addicting than Neopets Solitaire. Good heavens. I feel so connected and pathetic at the same time. What groups can I join? Who else can I find on here? This is fun and shameful at the same time. I should be OUT networking somewhere.

Soon enough, I'll be back in Vermont, networking there. With live people.
Really. But until then, there's always My Facebook.

Maybe I should put it on The List, too. At least then I wouldn't feel so guilty about it.
: )


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